April 23, 2015

What do you think of psychiatry?

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When you heard the word psychiatry - What do you think?

I am doing psychiatry rotation now for 6 weeks. I must say it is very interesting and different from other branches of medicine/surgery. It is fascinating how someone can end up having such bizarre thoughts/delusions. I mean obviously they are normal people before that and if someone told them the same stories when they are well as they are telling us now.. they too must have thought that doesn't sound right!

For example, someone with schizophrenia who thought he was the son of god. He could communicate directly with the Father and he could ask him questions for which He will answer. The same guy believe every night, there are a group of people who's after him - try to chop his legs and they are interested with his testicles as well.

It's just so bizarre that make you think, How on earth did they got these thoughts? How did they lose in touch with the reality/logic and they perceived those thoughts to be true? Even a 10 year old kid knows that's bizarre.

I wouldn't say getting a cancer is much better than having mental illness as mental illness consists of a number of disorders which some of them are mild and treatable. However, when someone has chronic untreatable mental illness - they aren't the same person that you know. They may don't even recognise their own family and they don't know who they are. It's like you are alive but you aren't living.

They couldn't properly take care of themselves. They don't know that they are sick. Some of them think they woke up in different places everyday or believe there's someone who wants to rape them. You may find it so strange and think that, they should just think logically and that should solve the delusions/hallucinations. In fact, it's not that simple. Could you imagine if you are in their place? It's tiring, scary and endless.

Severe chronic mental illness is a debilitating disorder. Yes, it is a type of illness/disorder. They may don't have visible physical symptoms like heart failure but they are sick. The biggest challenge is you don't really know how to treat them. You can offer some medications but that wouldn't actually directly cure them like how antibiotics work if you have bacterial infections.There are also a lot of negative perceptions towards people with mental illness.

If you know someone who's been admitted to Hospital sakit jiwa, what would you think of him/her? Would you avoid/neglect them? Would you offer them support?

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