October 28, 2012

Selamat hari raya

We had to go to hospital on the morning of Eid for a tutorial.
and then... we went to Malaysian Hall to eat! 

Rendang buatan sendiri
'Hot rain rice' by Durrah

Our Korean housemate laughed when we told her the direct translation of 'nasi hujan panas'

we even told her about 'fat rice'

Busy studying. Bored. Weekly Test.

Sweet couple. Aren't they? 

October 9, 2012

little things

we can get upset over little things

or get piss off

or makes us smile

but so many little things can get bigger, aren't they?

1+1+1+1+1+1+1... eventually the number get bigger


ignore those little things 

and let them do what they want

let them say what they want


so sleepy

October 5, 2012

A short semester with lots of exams

Powerscourt Garden, Dublin

Got a "syringe mechanical pencil" as a gift for my birthday 
Thanks darlin'
It makes me smile everytime i use it

Well.. i miss home.  
Esok genap sebulan dah balik ke Dublin

*Nak pergi Cork jumpa Noren, Tipah tapi tak pasti bila sebab test almost every week. Busy busy.